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Nickel Tapware

Nickel Kitchen & Bathroom tapware is synonymous with classic, luxurious design.

Initially a plating finished used as a primer applied over copper and before chrome it has in recent years become highly demanded as it represents that colour achieved when chrome wears off revealing the nickel underneath, as such designers have worked with nickel to accurately create a new old look that creates a feel of timeless elegance when applied to classically styles kitchen and bathroom tapware.

Nickel is a hard metal and as such is extremely hard wearing and a perfect selection for wash areas requiring a strong long lasting finish to prevail for many years. partners with Renaissance to deliver all tapware. Reassuringly, Renaissance is 100% in control of all Nickel plating and as such is able to offer a consistent high quality feel that represents the "Renaissance English Nickel Look". 

Renaissance "English Nickel" 

Renaissance "English Nickel "is a stunning finish that in certain lights appears gold , in other lights chrome, and in other lights silver, it has an oily quality that makes nickel neither gold or chrome something which is evident when placing the two finishes side by side.

Nickel is a timeless finish that creates a 1930's opulent feel and is instantly recognisable as a quality finish which compliments deco or classic designs.

The nickel is applied to a minimum of 0.4 microns which importantly represents a depth of nickel plating not seen outside of genuine UK manufactured luxury tapware brands, with industry standards being 0.1-0.2 microns. This extra thickness underpins the quality, longevity and depth of look. 


All Renaissance "English Nickel" tapware is electrophilastat lacquered to extra protect the precious metal that adorns your faucet. This lacquer offers a hard coating that ads to the reflective sheen of the gold when polished. 


All nickel tap ware is inspected prior to final packing to ensure it is within allowed aesthetic limits ensuring consistency s achieved throughout all Renaissance products. 

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