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Gold Tapware

Gold Bathroom tap ware has recently seen a resurgence in popularity and is once again seen as a finish that represents cutting edge design often partnered with black bench tops to create a very modern luxurious feel. 

Gold is a soft metal and as such it is important that gold electroplating on tap ware is done properly to ensure longevity and depth of colour. 

Gold also is available in many different hues ranging from Aztec gold - which is very orange in appearance to softer shades which are almost brass like in appearance. partners with Renaissance to deliver all tapware. Reassuringly, Renaissance is 100% in control of all Gold plating and as such is able to offer a consistent high quality feel that represents the "Renaissance English Gold Look". 

Renaissance "English Gold" 

Renaissance "English Gold "is a lighter gold that accurately represents the gold used on UK manufactured classic tap ware. 

The gold is applied to a minimum of 0.4 microns which importantly represents a depth of gold plating not seen outside of genuine UK manufactured luxury tap ware brands, with industry standards being 0.1-0.2 microns. This extra thickness underpins the quality, longevity and depth of look. 


All Renaissance "English Gold" tap ware is electrophilastat lacquered to extra protect the precious metal that adorns your faucet. This lacquer offers a hard coating that ads to the reflective sheen of the gold when polished. 


All bronze tap ware is inspected prior to final packing to ensure it is within allowed aesthetic limits ensuring consistency s achieved throughout all Renaissance products.  

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